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Then came the big transition.

In September 2000, Dani came to America with one suitcase, $500 in his pocket, and a dream: to start a Filipino church in Arizona and connect the congregation to the ministry of Valley Cathedral in the Philippines.

Soon, Rez followed Dani to Phoenix bringing with her their four young children. 


New life. New ministry. New adventure.

Then, after nine years in Arizona, Dani and Rez packed their belongings and drove 1,000 miles to their new home in Austin, Texas, where they started a church and saw their four children grow into responsible young adults who love Jesus and are passionate about causes that are dear to God's heart.

Dani and Rez are now empty nesters, enjoying the freedom to travel and share their ministry with friends and churches in the United States. They are actively involved in mentoring Filipino pastors -- praying with them, finding donors who share their passion for equipping grassroots churches, and teaching them online Bible classes via Zoom.


Dani and Rez started Child&Church Partners on July 5, 2017 when they registered the nonprofit organization with the Office of the Secretary of State in Austin, Texas.


But the vision to help poor children and struggling churches in their native Philippines had been in their hearts since they became involved with The Valley Cathedral Philippines in 1990. 

The Valley Cathedral Philippines was started by Zelma Houser in 1987. She named it after her home church (The Valley Cathedral) in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1993, The Valley Cathedral Phoenix sent Dani and Rez to a theological seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee. After an extensive course in biblical studies, they returned to the Philippines to plant new churches.

Dani & Rez Sindac

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