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Today, poor children and struggling churches are in desperate need of help. But, at the right time, many of them will develop into strong leaders and influencers.  In turn, they will teach, lead and serve 

many more people in need.

We are sustained by God’s promise of life and new beginnings -- every day, in every circumstance. We seek God's wisdom for effective solutions for today as well as building blocks for tomorrow's generations.



Just as problems are often interrelated, our integrated solutions of education, health, skills and leadership training, and spiritual development target the physical and spiritual roots of problems.  Children and churches are restored and equipped to serve others.


Indigent children and struggling churches are not looking for handouts; what they need are committed partners who will walk with them and pray with them as they overcome barriers to living a fruitful life. They are not mere recipients of your generosity; they are active participants in their own development.

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